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The Aquarian - A Spiritual Adult

The hearts and minds of humanity are now sufficiently opened to be able to feel and to know that there is a link that connects all humanity and all life. This awareness has created a critical moment in the evolution of humanity. Humanity as a whole is now responding to the call from his individual and collective Self, to return to his heritage that is both Royal and Priestly. Under the influence of the planet Uranus that embodies the consciousness of Oneness and is the ruler of this New Age of Aquarius, mankind is beginning to respond to the urge toward Brotherhood.

For eons, mankind has grappled with the questions of his existence, his destiny, and the questions of: Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? What Am I Here to Do? And Where Am I Going? The struggles to find answers to these questions have led to much contemplation and inquiry by some and a feeling of frustration, hopelessness and being trapped by many others.

The confluence of energies now being emitted into our planet by the Spiritual Hierarchy coupled with the high level of human development is providing a suitable environment for the rigorous investigation to these pressing questions. Humanity is demanding more time for self-discovery and reflection. The more the individual knows of himself and of his environment, the greater the feeling of control over his life and his destiny. To gain that control, it is essential that his understanding of the Causal level of his existence and his reason for embarking on this adventure to Earth be realized.

The search for philosophical and psychological explanations for our existence has brought us to a wonderful and expanded mental and emotional level of development. One that now enables us to sense that there is a significant next step in our evolution. There is emerging a great desire to penetrate into an even deeper understanding of life at its Core, which is to reach above and within to find the Source of this Dance of Life.

All through our history, the more intellectually and spiritually advanced of our race have given us glimpses into the deeper realities, which lie behind and beyond the superficial beliefs and understandings of our present realities. Among these advanced souls are Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, Francis Bacon and, of course, the elder brother of the Race of Man and leader of Piscean Age, Yeshua Ben Joseph. He is who we in the West call Jesus the Christ.

There are many schools of thought on the origin of Man. One of these ideologies is the ancient Masonic story acted out in the Masonic rituals. I will speak about Masonry at great length in this volume. It is important to understand the importance of this arcane knowledge and its significance to the Age of Aquarius. In this Age, Masonry will be a restoration of these ancient and sacred Mysteries. It will correctly reflect the expressions of the Soul which are the true intent for which the Great White Lodge on Sirius gave Masonry to Humanity. The distortions we have witnessed over the centuries are also reflective of the distortions of the personality expressed as separateness, exclusion and cruelty. Masonry is a gift to humanity and our destinies are inextricably linked to it.

The story of Masonry tells us that just as the Candidate for initiation enters into the Lodge from outside the Lodge, mankind entered into Planet Earth from outside this planet. Man, a spiritual entity symbolized by a circle, descended from his high estate into Earth, symbolized by the square. Spiritual man entered into the Lodge of Earth to unfold his full divinity while in flesh. This is what has been referred to as the "squaring of the circle." In the Lodge, as on Planet Earth, the candidate subjects himself to graded, disciplined training with definite objectives. The primary objective is self-knowledge and with this knowledge, he has an obligation to be in service to all Life. The long years of intense formal and informal training unfolds in his heart and mind a deep understanding of his own nature and, therefore, the nature of all life and his connection to them. He later begins to extrapolate this knowledge so as to contemplate his connection with life in the solar system, the galaxy, the universe and all life everywhere. The Masonic story is occult in its nature. The word occult has conjured up frightful images in the minds of many who are ignorant of its true meaning. The term will increasingly become commonplace since the Age of Aquarius is the Age of occultism and the externalization of the Western Mysteries.

Conversely, we are leaving the Age of Mysticism, which we experienced under the Piscean Age, but we are not leaving its contributions behind. Occultism, which means hidden or secret knowledge was ironically, never hidden since nature lay bare all the so-called hidden mysteries. It was always available for all who were mature enough to "see". The ancients have told us that whatever we are afraid of holds the greatest promise for our liberation. Mankind has tended to be afraid of what he does not understand. To change this pattern, he must seek to know.

In principle, all religions in all cultures have at their core the Masonic blueprint. The form in which it is practiced might be slightly different from culture to culture and reflect the level of consciousness thus far evolved. Over the last fifty years, a large percent of humanity has increasingly expanded his search for the hidden meanings of life. He is also now accepting that his teachings do not reflect the whole truth of his heritage and destiny. It is also true, however, that due to humanity's emotional and mental maturity, he is now better able to understand more. He is now better able to respond to the sensor that is within him to gradually wake up to his true nature.

An examination of the Masonic ritual gives us some clues to the meaning of our life here and helps us answer the great philosophical questions of Life. When the candidate enters the Lodge, he is placed in the Southwest corner, the place of greatest darkness and ignorance. This was also the placement of the Planet in the solar System. The goal then is to move through and around the Lodge to the East by way of the North, where the veiled knowledge, the unknown or mysteries, resides. As the candidate increases in knowledge, wisdom and understanding, he is able to part the veils of illusion and this illumination duly places him in the East of the Lodge, the place of knowledge and Light.

This story of the candidate's journey is analogous to that of man's journey into form, from a place of high estate. It is similarly the story of the prodigal son spoken of in the Bible. He left home and went on a journey into the far country to gain a knowledge he could not acquire if he had stayed at home. Planet Earth is on a similar journey in the Solar System.

For many this idea resonates at the core of their beings because they have never lost the memory and knowledge of their place of origin. Most of our indigenous groups on all the continents have kept intact the knowledge and connection with their ancient home on the Stars. Robert Temple in the Sirius Mystery gives a compelling account of the long history of the Dogon peoples of Mali and their ongoing relationship with the star system Sirius. NASA later confirmed the precise information of the behavior and position of the planet.

Zechariah Sitchin, in his book, The Twelfth Planet gave a researched account of the origin of mankind and our eventual destiny. However, Ageless Wisdom has known all this and more for thousands of years. Mankind is being impulsed all the time to wake up out of his long sleep and to re-discover himself and his home. Man's journey into this human experience is the combined effort of three Great constellations: the Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades. They represent the Supernal Triangle of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Mother aspect respectively. Qabalistically, they represent Kether, Chokmah and Binah on the Tree of Life. These three forces have influenced our experiment and adventure. Humanity is here to discover how far from the center of light he can travel and still make his way back home safely without losing all memory of his origin and his oneness with his fellow beings and all life. These three energies in a step down process express themselves through the three centers closest to humanity: Shamballah, the Hierarchy and Humanity.

The impulse for this experiment came out of the constellation of the Great Bear, which represents the Primal Will or Divine intent for mankind. It is the center from which the idea for creative manifestation originated. It is the lower level of this Will that humanity calls self-will and it is through the medium of the zodiacal sign of Aries that this experiment was initiated. The seven leading Stars of the Great Bear are said to be that of seven constellations from which the seven planetary influences impact our Earth. These make up the seven Rishis or seven brothers of the Great Bear.

Sirius the "dog star" is said to be the "Great instructor of mankind" from which the governance of this planet is orchestrated by the Lord of Action and Reaction commonly known as Karma. The goal of its leadership is the development of cosmic consciousness on the mental plane. Sirius impacts our planet through the influences of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn to provide the conditions for the reaping of souls that is now taking place. The connection with Sirius is, therefore, being felt by a large number of souls due to the advancement of consciousness that has occurred here on planet Earth. The consciousness of Love-wisdom is the focus of this second member of the great supernal triangle. It is from the great White Lodge on Sirius that the work of the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law and Order issues. This energy will produce the conditions that will permit the re-appearance on Earth of the Mysteries of Initiation. It is in this context that Masonry will be reformed, understood and become open. The Sun has veiled the hidden planet Uranus but now employs it as the agent through which it focuses its influence like a lens to externalize the arcane mysteries in this Aquarian Age. The sign of Gemini, the sign of relationships, has provided a portal through which humanity came to experiment with relationships between all pairs of opposites. It is under this sign, and from Sirius that the Masonic tradition was given to mankind. Its distinctive symbols of the two pillars of the temple, one white and one black, offers for our meditation the extremes of relationships. The Hierarchy or the Soul level of expression of our planet is the medium through which the Lords on Sirius work.

The Pleiades, the third aspect of the triangle, is referred to as the seven sisters and the brides of the seven brothers of the Great Bear. It is this union of the seven brides and the seven brothers that the book of Genesis speaks of when it refers to "the sons of God who are gone down to lie with the daughters of men." We place the seven sisters of the Pleiades in the sphere of Binah, the Great Mother and in union with the seven brothers of the Great Bear in the sphere of Chokmah. They gave birth to the Sons of men we call the seven planets: Jupiter, Mars, the physical Sun, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and the Earth. These seven planets express their seven vibrational frequencies or Rays through the seven chakras along the spine to support and nurture physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life on this planet. The Pleiades is situated in the constellation of Taurus, the sign of dense matter and of eventual illumination. Through the influence of Taurus, the aspirant presses on and finally develops the ability to "see". From the cave of this dense matter, the Christ -child is hidden and is later born. The energies of the Pleiades are directly connected with the development of the personality and, therefore, work most closely with the Human Kingdom. The Pleiadean influences later move the aspirant from the Path of Probation to the Path of Accepted Disciple.

These three forces of the Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades, working through the Monad or Spirit, Soul and Personality centers, distribute their energies through the twelve signs of the zodiac under the influence of the seven planets. These twelve signs fall into two categories. Seven of these influence the evolution of planetary consciousness on our planet. The other five: Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces, directly influence the development of the five continents of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and America.

The twelve signs can be configured to form three crosses expressing the triplicity and quadruplicity of the zodiac for every perfected soul that must pass through the metamorphosis of the Cross. The elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water make up the four arms of the Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal crosses. These three crosses represent the crosses that stood on the Mount of Golgotha on which Jesus died.

The four arms of the Mutable Cross are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. This cross is called the Whirling cross, the cross of material change and of the Hidden Christ. Because of its mutable quality it provides the aspirant the fluidity between the pairs of opposites until it takes hold of the soul energy. The infant consciousness of the aspirant is nurtured and provided the opportunity to move from the animal soul to a true aspirant. Symbolically, the Mutable Cross represents the unrepentant thief and the personality development of the disciple. It is in the lower aspect of this Cross that the Nazi chose this symbol as theirs, thereby, expressing at the end of the material cycle of human existence, the false and evil use of matter of which separateness, cruelty and selfishness are key. The whirling "swastika" finally flings the aspirant onto the cross of chosen crucifixion, the Fixed Cross of pledged discipleship.

Mutable or Whirling Cross When the soul has grown in maturity, it mounts the Fixed Cross known as the Cross of the Crucified Christ. The four arms of the Fixed cross are Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. The man who ascends this cross does so by choice and with full knowledge and cognition of the Path he has decided to tread and with all of its implications. He knows that there is no retreat and so he places his feet firmly on the Path of Return. Symbolically the Fixed Cross represents the repentant thief and the Hierarchy or Soul expression.

The Fixed Cross Having experienced the deaths of the personality and the Soul on the two previous Crosses, the aspirant now ascends the Cross of Spiritual Death upon the four arms of the Cardinal Cross. Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer takes the now Initiate on to the Endless Way of Revelation. This state of achieved enlightenment marks the beginning of his Cosmic Life of service on the "Higher Way" with all the members of his group. This is the cross of the Risen Christ and all those who stand with the Father at Shamballah.

The Cardinal Cross When the influence of all four arms of each of the three crosses has produced an effect in the disciple, a transition in consciousness is made from one cross to another. Each transition marks a point of crisis in the life of the individual on his Path of Return. The Seven Rays or streams of force conditioned by the seven energies of the Great Bear and the Pleiades give us the astrological framework within which to work out our own salvation.

The travels of humanity through the signs of the sun and all the Stars of the heavens reflect the suffering, triumph and the miracles of the illuminated man before and after Initiation. It is this challenge for the soul to consciously establish the relationship between the divine intent for man's liberation and his physical experience in matter that beckoned us here.

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