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Is This Our Destined Spiritual Task and Gift: Opening Up Portals of Light in the Darkness?

"There's a crack in everything...

That's how the Light gets in."

-Leonard Cohen

How can we make a difference in a world that seems dark at times?

The ancient teachings of Jewish mysticism tell us that humans have been given the gift and responsibility of opening up portals for the Eternal Light. We are called to conscious participation in this process of Creation by opening portals for this Light to bless and elevate life around us every single day.

The great kabbalist Ramchal used a visual to explain this process. He said we need to open up a column of Light to Spirit every day. We should imagine that each day's column or portal is so huge that, like a grand doorway, it takes a bit of effort to open fully. We can merely open a crack so just a little bit of light trickles out, or we can open it fully so the Light streams over, into and around us. And so, each morning when we wake up, our conscious intention can set the tone for that day by opening up that portal of Light and blessing to shine on us and through us to the world.

When we consciously open up our portal of Light, we are continuously being purified, cleansed and blessed because of our alignment to that Light. And since linear time does not exist in the spiritual realm, every portal of Light we've opened up previously, continues to shower us with Light and blessing daily. Every day that we fully open up an individual portal for Light, that Light of Creator Presence pours over us, through us and into the world around us, today and forever.

Another story, further back in history, tells us how the children of Israel were protected by a column of Light at night while they traveled through the desert from Egypt to the promised land. That column not only protected them; it also lit their way and surrounded them with the reassuring Presence of the Divine.

Simply by doing our interconnected part in opening to the Light of creation, we can bless, heal and transform the world forever.

It reminds me of theoretical meteorologist Edward Lorenz' discovery that everything is so interconnected, tiny perturbations in the atmosphere can cause enormous climate changes: a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can produce a tornado in Texas.

We share that intimate connection with all of creation. It offers us a beautiful understanding about the purpose of our spiritual work and our daily opportunity to participate in that. When we align and intentionally open up portals of Light, that Light will shine not only onto us, but into and throughout our world to bless, awaken and heal, today and forever.

On the other hand, there are days when we just don't feel the love; days when we don't open up the portals completely, and end up feeling spiritually drained and thirsty. Yet today, and every new day, we can open up our portal of Light, and let it flow over us. The beauty of our spiritual work is keeping these portals of Light open, wherever we are, for all of life to benefit.

Every portal of Light we open up, remains open to nourish us now and forever, for ourselves and for the world, because this is spiritual law at work. The Light that shines into our souls isn't just for us as individuals; it ripples out to bless all of life on this planet. And the portal of Light opened up yesterday didn't just shine until we went to bed; it continues to bless the world and ourselves forever.

No matter how dark and difficult life may seem, we have the power to open up a portal of Light to Source. We can let in the Creator's Light to heal what is broken in our lives and in our world.

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