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Let's Talk About Sex, Bebe! Ohhh Tantra xoxox

The term "tantric sex" is more commonly used to refer to the science of ecstasy. This science regards sexual tension and energy to be one of the biggest components of the universe. Tanta is believed to combine the different elements of the universe into one cohesive whole. However, this is only known to be achieved by consummating intimacy and lust between partners. The Tantra operates by merging the sexual energies of two people into one source of power. According to different beliefs, this may only be achieves by practicing meditation and other breathing exercises. It also requires a specific amount of time before it can totally be mastered.

Masters of Tantric philosophy say that Tantric energy gives both male and female a spiritual role by building harmony between their beings. Sexual intercourse is merely a part of the whole process of merging the two energies. Achieving favorable Tantra has the capacity to make sexual intercourse more pleasant than the normal. It allows the two people involved to experience the different aspects of love making, which non-followers and non-believers fail to experience. It also gives you an experience that far outweighs the physical level.

People often see Tantric sex as an outrageous sexual practice. However, other than giving those involved unparalleled pleasure, Tantric sex also has other benefits. Merely following the principles of Tantra can give benefits to a person's mental and spiritual life. Applying the principles to sex is said to give the partners a mind-blowing experience. Tantric principles are said to prolong the arousal time and to delay the orgasm. They are also believed to create a deeper connection and understanding between the two people by lengthening the time of their love-making.

Carrying out Tantric principles during sex leads the partners to be more aware of each other's thoughts and feeling during their moment of connection. With Tantra, sex is a partnership that binds people for the rest of their lives. People are believed to attain sexual bliss faster when Tantric principles are observed. More importantly, they stay in that state for a very long time; thus, giving them a purely pleasurable experience.

There are different things that people can do to apply Tantra principles to their love-making. Follow the steps below and experience the most pleasurable sex possible.

First, you and your lover should design your own pace. Clear the room of any clutter and retain only the things and furniture that are will serve your purpose. Create the right ambience by playing the right music in the background.

Next, be as close to each other as possible. Breathe each other's breath. Inhale when your partner exhales and vice versa. This act solidifies the bond between the two of you.

Third, keep your eyes open. Eye contact is believed to be beneficial in establishing an intimate connection. Witnessing and watching the act is believed to bring spiritual transformation.

Lastly, take things slow. Foreplay is an essential factor of tantric sex. The longer time you spend in rousing each other interest, the deeper the connection will be.

At the baseline, tantra is all about weaving female and male energy - the Yin and Yang - into a powerful stream. A tantra teacher adept at instructing in the ways of ancient tantra achieves this in a number of ways, each of which positively affect lovers at the levels of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

Instructing his students in the intricacies of tantra yoga, tantra meditation, tantra breathing and worship of tantra deities are inalienable components of a tantra master's repertoire. However, the sexual aspects of tantra can also be explored in fun ways that address lovers' sexual aspirations directly. Under the tutelage of an accomplished tantra teacher, tantra games - often inappropriately clubbed under 'sexercises' - can vastly improve lovers' sensual and sexual experience.

A certain degree of adeptness in the deeper aspects of this ancient art of erotic love is necessary before lovers can explore the joys of sexual tantra games. Once the requisite proficiency in the basics has been reached, lovers can use these sexual games to significantly enhance their ability to communicate intimately with each other. A tantra master will often introduce tantra games early in the course of his instructions if a couple reports that their sex life has lost a lot of its sizzle and appeal.

If you want to instantaneously revive some of the lost intimate and spiritual connection between yourself and your partner, you may use certain basic tantra games for immediate results. However, do remember that instructions from a proficient tantra teacher are necessary before you use these tantra techniques. Without the right mindset, these three 'sexercises' will fall seriously short of their fullest effect.

Here are three such tantra games:

  • Disrobe each other languidly and reverently - yet provocatively - to the strains of soothing music. Do not hurry - rather, let each item of clothing fall in synchronization with the rhythm of the music. Keep your gazes locked as much as possible during the process.

  • Submit completely to each other in turn. Assign five to ten minutes during which your lover can do with you as he or she pleases - however, avoid direct genital contact during this game. Then take your own turn. Remember, complete surrender is essential. While in the submission phase of this tantra game, you may either keep your eyes fixed on your lover's or keep them closed. A blindfold is also an excellent prop for this 'sexercise'.

  • Put on soothing music and follow its strains to play your lover's body like a musical instrument. Let your imagination take over and pretend that his or her body is either a stringed instrument to be plucked or a piano whose keys need to be tapped to evoke musical magic.

Basic tips and techniques to merge sexuality with spirituality improve your relationship and enjoy lasting love and vitality in your life.

Tantra originated in the Vedic writings in India over 3500 years ago and it is believed that the spoken practice was passed very selectively and secretly to highly evolve individuals for centuries prior to that

Tantra in Sanskrit (one of the oldest languages on the planet) means "woven together" which Relates to the sacred union of the male and female energies. Using the sacred union of male and female by applying different techniques and a certain state of mind can be a great spiritual evolution.

Sacred Sexuality is definitely a gateway to enter into higher consciousness and increasing the connection with the higher power. Its nature is accessing the most powerful 'life giving' 'god like' activity possible in a human form (which when preformed in a negative, abusive or unconscious way or Marley for genital satisfaction can harm and destroy the individuals).

There are many benefits, not only does the sexual experience itself becomes more enriched and satisfactory but the state of full presence achieved by the exercise of tantric techniques brings an ecstatic experience and bliss to the explorer. Your beloved becomes a channel for you to connect to the higher realms.

Here are a few basic entry level techniques to engage in the magic of Tantra:

* Deciding on doing tantric sex and actually having a date!

Almost anything these days that you diarise, you have a better chance to complete. When you allocated the time in your very busy schedule, you have no excuses of no time for it and this is of even more importance when you have children as they demand a lot of your attention. You may think that the sexual experience looses the spontaneity, but remember when you come prepared with the right set of mind; you opt for a better and more profound experience.

* Stick to your date even if you don't feel like it.

It is like going to gym, sometimes we don't feel like and if we end up going we really feel proud of ourselves and we feel all the benefits of the workout. So don't fall into a trap of the games that your mind plays with you (especially if there are sexual blockages due to trauma and abuse). Even if you feel tired, have a quick shower and do it anyway, you will be energised!

* Create the right environment and even better, take it out of bed!

The bed is used for sleeping and for most couples it becomes a place of mundane sex, so make it an adventure and explore other options (best is a comfortable mattress with pillows on the floor, where you have enough space to move around) Consciously prepare your space and make it sacred by having the intention to make it sacred in mind. Clear it from clutter, play nice soft tantric music, light candles and incense, place fresh flowers and anything else that warms your heart and makes you feel good and special (stones, special pictures, natural music instruments, nice pillows, etc)

* Start with some movement and breathing exercise

Movement is great as it makes your body generate energy, release stress and also calms the mind; it helps to bring you into the space and root you deeper into the experience.

The best is shaking as this really gets your kundalini moving (Kundalini is the powerful creative sexual energy coiled like a sleeping serpent near the base of the spine. One of the goals in Tantra is to gently awaken this dormant energy in order to awaken consciousness and attain enlightenment).

This is how you do the shake: stand up facing each other with your legs hip wide apart and your feet flat on the ground, slightly bend your knees and begin shaking from your abdomen (you can keep your eyes closed)

In the beginning you have to make the movement and almost force it on the body, but after a while, you begin to relax into it and let the movement happen to you and just tune in and observe it. Let the body do what it needs to without interfering or judging it.

You can use fast beat music in the background. Do it for at least 20 min.

It is nice to move into dance after the shaking stage as it is than distributes the energy around the body and creates a lot of vital vibrations.

After dancing, you can seat with your legs crossed facing each other where your knees slightly touching, you can hold hand and gaze into each other's eyes.

This very simple exercise has a very profound effect as the eyes are the window to the soul.

By simply looking at each other with no talking and no judging you form a very special communication channel. You drop all of your protection layers and boundaries which allows you to be vulnerable in the eyes of your beloved. Do it for at least 10 min.

Next stage: woman sits on the man with her front of her body against the front of his (this is a very ancient tantric position called Yab Yun)

This posture allow both of you to seat up right with a straight back and face each other (it is also very good posture for intercourse).

Now you can do circular breathing, where you breath into his mouth and fill him with air and then he breaths into your mouth and vice versa, it is very powerful connector that will sync your breathing and heart rate and will bring you into the now and ready to explore more.

From there, you can start kissing and carry on loving each other.

Remember these few tips:

It is very good to enjoy each other by taking turns to stroke each other, massage each other using nice oils, enjoy the moment and don't rush into penetration.

Also, don't rush into an orgasm and if you feel like you are reaching a climax too quickly, then stop breath and carry on pampering each other, you can carry on with penetration when you cool off a bit.

Make it a habit to enjoy the process and don't make the orgasm be you final goal.

Slow down from the fast pace life we live and fully emerge in the moment. Enjoy!

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Single and Loving It?

Single heading into the New Year? You may be wondering how Tantra applies to you. How can you practice Tantra without a partner? How could Tantra enhance your single life?

Tantra is a practice for everyone to first and foremost create a loving relationship and deeper connection with oneself. Singlehood is the perfect opportunity to start cultivating that relationship. Regardless if you are dating, looking for a beloved, or enjoying being alone, these Tantric practices can support you and alter your single life in 2016.

Single and dating...

Did you know that taking some time to consciously connect with your date can greatly enhance your sexual experience? Even if you're in a non-committed relationship, you can still create a meaningful connection for the time that you are together. Instead of just "hooking up," try out these practices to drop into a deeper sensual experience.

  1. Eye gazing

Looking into someone's eyes allows us to drop out of our fears and desires and start to truly see the other person for who they are. Sit across from each other and look into each other's left eye. The left eye refers to the receptive side of our brain; the part of us that accesses our emotions and allows us to be more vulnerable. Breathe together and notice any thoughts, judgments, or worries that start to cross your mind. Observe these and reconnect to your breath and to your partner. Notice how the thoughts start dropping away as you become more present to each other.

  1. Kissing Connection

Take a few moments to consciously kiss each other. Take your time and feel all the sensations. Notice the touch of your lips together, the feeling of being close to another, the feeling of a warm embrace. Notice the urge to take things further and bring yourself back to the present moment, to the art of kissing. Reconnect to your breath and notice your body becoming alive with sensation.

Single and looking for a Beloved...

Are you ready to draw a partner into your life? This process may be a mysterious and challenging one. As mentioned, Tantra teaches us to create a loving relationship with ourselves first. Then we can attract the person of our dreams, free of neediness and unrealistic expectation. Here are some tips for drawing a beloved into your life:

  1. Trust yourself

Trusting yourself is the antidote to doubting. We may begin to feel that "it's too late for me" or "I'll never find the person I'm looking for." Trusting and believing in your vision will get you through these doubts and keep you on course to realize your dream.

  1. Stay true to yourself

Sometimes we get lost in the wanting. Continue to treat yourself as your own best friend. Take yourself on dates, practice self-care, and do the things you enjoy. As you continue to honor yourself, your light will shine from the inside out and people will be bound to be attracted to you.

  1. Surprise yourself

Letting go of how something "should be" allows us to see what is around us. Perhaps the person you are looking for is right in front of you but doesn't necessarily look like the way you thought. Set your intention of finding your beloved and tap into the feeling of what it would be like to have that person in your life. Then be open to who shows up in your life; you may be surprised!

Single and enjoying being alone...

There are even practices for you! If you are totally content being single and not looking to draw another person into your life, you can still cultivate a loving relationship with yourself. Masturbation often turns into a habitual act. We know what works for us and return to the same thing over and over again. We frequently seek out fantasies to stimulate us whether it is through porn or our own imagination. Try this self-love practice that assists you in transforming masturbation into an act of making love to yourself.

  1. Self-Love

Create a warm and loving space for yourself, such as lighting candles and playing soft music. Start by honoring all parts of yourself, finding gratitude for your legs, your arms, and your stomach. Caress each part of your body taking it slow. Notice your mind slipping away or into fantasy mode and bring your awareness back to the present moment. As you begin to stimulate yourself, explore and try out different types of touch. See what feels good. Honor any and all emotions that may arise. Practice not having a goal; i.e. welcoming an orgasm but not needing one to happen. Allow your body to guide the way.

"That is happiness; to be dissolved into something completely great." - Willa Cather (American novelist)

There is a certain something that everyone wants, consciously or unconsciously. Every soul has an ultimate goal, whether the soul knows it or not. Yet, this goal does not get the kind of importance it deserves. Few understand it, even fewer know how to go about getting it - happiness.

When people are asked what happiness means to them, they hum and haw a while before responding with something like money, a bigger house, a sexy wife, an influential husband, the latest sports car, more parties, more drinking.... These things seem to define happiness to the average person.

In the pursuit of happiness, people race - against time, against the Jones, against life itself. Does happiness really mean partying all night, every night and blowing up pots of money on designer clothing?

Ancient tantra states that happiness is a state of mind - that you can be happy no matter what your situation in life is - if you choose to be happy. Happiness does not come to you - you can call upon it whenever you choose to. You have to make it happen. Those who believe otherwise have allowed society, peer pressure or their own misgivings to delude them.

Happiness has nothing to do with what you own, which religion you follow or which community or country you are from - or, for that matter, with whether you believe in God or not. You are responsible for your actions and you choose to be anything you want.

As Charles Schulz, the creator of the popular Peanuts comic strip, said, "My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I'm happy. I can't figure it out. What am I doing right?"

Being happy is a continuous process. It does not stay with you if you do not maintain it, but you need not run after more money, parties or sex to get it. True, the scriptures of ancient tantra reveal that sexual pleasure is the highest form of pleasure that can be achieved in the tangible, material world that we know of today. It is the last bastion of happiness for the earthly body. Nevertheless, continuous sex without the right kind of awareness and expertise will severely damage one's psyche... maybe even to the extent of lunacy. The mind is far more expansive than the body; while the mind hungers for more, the body cannot keep up.

Tantric sex demands that the mind have the right level of consciousness. Unfortunately, today everyone has lost sight of that fact. Most have mistakenly identified frequent sex with happiness, whether it is meaningful or not. Society has become more permissive, and sex has become e a commodity without value. Today, sex is an empty promise.

Attraction is an inescapable fact of life. A beautiful flower, a beautiful landscape, a beautiful sunset, a beautiful man or woman - each evokes attraction. When we chart this attraction to its essential core, we are pursuing real happiness.

Tantra and Happiness

The person you feel passionate for must also reciprocate those feelings. If you already have that special someone, that relationship must grow in a positive direction.

We all want such feelings to be mutual. If you like a flower, you want to take it home. If you like a sunset, you want to capture it on film. If you love a person, you want to be with that person all the time. Ancient tantra has always advocated balance and harmony. When two people get together too, there should also be a balance.

It is a lie that the more sex and sexual partners you have, the more your awareness grows. If this theory were true, prostitutes and gigolos would be far more aware and far happier than the rest of us put together. For them, sex is work, and there can be no true pleasure in the act when it is carried out in the name of work. Awareness cannot be brought about by having meaningless sex. Tantra states that only when two people have compatible levels of consciousness can they dance their way to higher levels through sex.

Tantra advocates the concept of gender in terms of consciousness - the masculine consciousness and the feminine consciousness. In the case of a couple with alternative sexuality, one partner will always have a slightly more masculine consciousness while the other has a more feminine one, regardless of their gender. One balances the other, and when the two come together in harmony, there can be nothing more fulfilling.

To achieve happiness, one must delve into the divine, mystical secrets that the art of Tantra has given to us. In this quest, we must understand our Chakras - those apparently inexplicable centres in our bodies that can heal and empower us. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that actually means 'energy wheel', and Tantra has deciphered these esoteric centres of the human body for us to understand.

Every human being has been gifted with Seven Chakras:

o Muladhara (the Root Chakra) o Swadishtana (Hara Chakra) o Manipura (Solar Plexus) o Anahata (Heart Chakra) o Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) o Agnya (Third Eye Chakra), and o Sahasara (Crown Chakra)

Each of these 'energy chakras' plays a specific part in our development, and must be activated one by one using special techniques and processes of Tantra. Else, we cannot ascend to the highest level of complete consciousness. When activated, the chakras enable us to become fearless, even in the face of adversity. Inner strength and stability result.

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