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SEXUAL PROTECTION SHIELD RITUAL (for the Psychically & Spiritually Active)

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

#Kindred we are in a war that is not of the flesh and in today's age of Social Media Spellwork & Manipulation it is very easy for a wayward occultist or Dark Practitioner to gain access to, manipulate, and harvest your Sacred Sexual Life-Force Magickal Energy.

This ritual are for those who are sexually active and those practicing spiritual life-force harnessing celibacy.

I have been given the following instructions on protecting ourselves from these entities and attachments they send towards us from whatever source, method, and means.

We ALL are directed to use the new Metaphysical Florida Water Potion I posted in the last blog post.

You are to as follows:

Clean and shave your genital área. Then apply this potión.

When you go to sleep at night apply this poción to your feet, your intimate área, and your crown chakra.

Salt you bed with your blessed salt and cover both your head and your feet at night when sleeping.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, contact me. The response is FREE.

As always I am sending you ALL...

Clean Energy

Clear Energy

Pure Energy

Love Energy


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