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Spirit Wives and Husbands,Sexual Familiars

One day a lady in my Ministry had a dream where she saw a strange man having sex with her. By the time she woke up, she noticed blood bleeding from her private part.

Please find below how spirit husbands and wives can make your life miserable.

Spirit wives and husbands can convert your life to a dustbin.

Spirit wives and husbands can carry evil activities on your marital, social, business, financial and spiritual life without you knowing it.

Spirit wives and husbands can make you get married late and in some cases, you may never get married at all till you enter grave.

Spirit wives and husbands make sure you get married to a wrong partner or married at old age.

Spirit husbands and wives can frustrate any proposal made by potential partners.

Spirit husbands and wives make sure that everything will become too difficult for you to handle in your marriage: your virtues, goodness and prospects will be kept in a witchcraft cage.

Spirit husbands and wives lead partners into bondage, by attacking them through sex, especially if they committee immorality.

The moment a spirit wife or husband succeeds in having sex with you in your dream, you are already connected with the wicked spirit that vowed against your marriage.

Please take note of the following regarding spirit husbands and wives

Sleeping with many partners increases your chance of having spirit spouses and having problem of child bearing.

Many lives are into bondage because they have sold their bodies, souls and spirits with multiple partners.

Many men do encounter financial limitation and dryness in their career.

Please find below what you need to know about Spirit Husbands and Wives

They are spiritual enemies living and sleeping with one.

They are very stubborn, aggressive and dangerous.

They are terrible enemies with killer motives: They kill your joy, peace, health, brain, calling, virtue, marriage etc.

They violate the right of their victims.

They also molest their victims with sex in the dream.

They are desperate and very wicked in their activities.

They are specialists in stopping, frustrating and killing marriage with passion.

They don't give up easily.

They can entice anyone with physical gift..

They come with familiar faces most of the time.

They empower lust and decay in the society.

Prostitutes are used as strong bait to hit hard on their target.

They can impersonate physical spouse.

They are very jealous.

They attack marriages with divorce.

They bind men and women to terrible spiritual marriage that troubles the physical one.

Spirit wife/husband can be inherited.

They can enter through rape.

It can be through evil dedication of individual.

They can enter through underwear manipulation.

Through tattooing and incision.

If you observe the following, then you need to watch out, spirit husband or wife is at work.

Late marriage or no marriage at all.

Rejection by opposite sex.

Constant sex in the dream.

Chains of marital troubles.

Miscarriages after sex in the dream.

Inability to make love to your wife.

Serious pain when about to make love.

Early menopause.

Missing menstrual period in the dream.

Having prolonged pregnancy

Physical disappearance of marriage ring.

Lost of job and valuables just after marriage ceremony.

When your loving spouse suddenly becomes your enemy.

When one is pregnant in the dream.

Breast feeding in the dream and even seeing breast secreting milk physically.

Inability to conceive.

Having evil or bad body odor.

Constant wet dreams.

Wedding in the dream.

Nursing children in the dream.

Inability to maintain holy life.

When one is always jilted by serious partner.

Feeling tired every morning.

Overcoming Spirit Wives and Husband

Give your heart to God -Not negotiable.

Repent from all inherited and personal sins.

Break every soul ties with all spirit spouses.

Pray aggressively against their activities in your life, set ablaze

their marriage rings, certificates, wedding garments and children, etc.

Determine to live holy.

Make Bible your best friend.

Add fasting to your prayers.

Start doing something in the house of the Lord.

Go for deliverance.

Dr Olusola Coker is the owner of Leonard Babs and co, He is also an Author and the president of breakthrough ministry, he has written so many books to his credit: His personal website is

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