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Samhain Counter Wicked Magix Divine Blessings Ritual & Prayer

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Jehovah gave me the following #prophetic insight #kindred, to get us through #Winter, if you will:

#Bless your Kosher Salt, Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt this way. . .

(Left sill)

"#Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah

to our left

(right sill)

Jehovah, Jehovah , Jehovah

to our right,

(middle sill)

Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah

all through our days,

all through our nights,

(left sill)

Jehovah you have protected us

(right sill)

through all these long hours,

(middle sill)

May you in your #Divine Glory,

show them ,

Jehovah, Jehovah, #Jehovah

the Power of Your Name,

on this very night.

~Amen "

Say this #prayer as you do the following:

Salt your door first, also place an incense outside your home's entrance.

Salt your window starting from the left,

then the right, then the remainder of the prayer in the center. Each line should cross each other.

Florida water should now be mixed with blessed #Salt, henceforth this blessed water is a protection element, necessary for #metaphysical inclusion.

Spray every corner of your home, your children's rooms. Their door, (both behind and in front) , under their beds, their closet entrances, (both behind and in front), and all the corners of their room.

With each spray sayJehovah's name three times.

Salt your bedding, your children's beds, around your children's (& pet's) beds, and around your bed.

Also take a salt bath or shower calling upon Arch Angel Michael for protection. Only older, active , children need a salt bath.

After you Salt, select your sleeping garments that reach your ankles. Salt the bottom of your feet, cover your feet, and your head when you sleep this evening.

Place your scriptures, holy book and/or metaphysical scrolls on your selected, folded, sleeping garments.

Take a moment to reflect and connect with our creator, the universal life for e within us all, requesting Divine Guidance & Wisdom. Then let your scriptures open the chapter that it may. This is your scroll of reflection for this eve.

Henceforth , this prayer and Divine Ritual Blessing may be used on all equinoxes, eclipses, moon cycles, season cycles, and planetary/ astrological circle cycle days and nights. Please remember cycles last 3 to 7 days , and up to two weeks before, and after a cycle. Meditate, reflect, pray, and go with your intuition to determine the necessary length.

~:~ Light Love Blessings


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