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#Kindred, I have been given the following instructions for our Season of Spiritual Battle as follows:

Buy Florida Water and mix a few grains of course Salt into it. You should bless your Salt before adding this to your mixture. You can use Kosher, Sea, or Himalayan Salt.

Here is a link to a prayer you can use to do this:


Spray your crown chakra with this potión and cover your head. You should spray your headress with this mixture as well if you are a Metaphysical Practitioner of any level.

This mixtura will protect you against entities when you sleep.

You should spray your feet and cover them before bed. The same applies to your crown.

I was instructed to impart the following knowledge as well regarding our Precious Children. You should follow the same process for them each night as well as salting their beds. (Under the mattress is fine as well as under their bed if you are a Practitioner.)

Our children are under greater spiritual attack than we are, as they are vulnerable and WE are standing up against their mechaninations right now. Especially if your children are sexually active. (*Please see the following article regarding intimate Spiritual Protection for the Psychically & Spiritually Active if your children are sexuallyactive.)

For those that are quite young there is a need for you to invoke The Spirit of Discernment and The Arch Angel Michael over them with a special request to protect, shield and assist them in their battle against lures, baiting , bullying and peer pressure throughout their childhood and young adult years.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions please contact me. The response is FREE.

Love you all my beautiful, groovy scoobies!

Sending all of you Light, Love and Blessings.


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