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Keeping it Sexy With the Yoga of LOVE

It's winter in Chicago. Everything is cold, dull, and dead, but the romance doesn't have to be! Whether you are single or attached; now is the time to kick the winter blahs and create the kind of love and intimacy that gives Peggy Lee the proverbial fever! Many of us have resolutions and intentions left over from the New Year that revolve around creating love, joy, and abundance in our lives. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, there is no better time than now to put those intentions into practice. But how?

Envision you could experience a deepening, rekindling, or creation of love and intimacy with your partner. Imagine an inviting, warm and comfortable space, surrounded with cushions, pillows, soft music, and candles. Now that's more like it! Right?! Take a deep cleansing breath and feel the pastel colors in the room stimulate your senses and inspire you with a sense of possibility. For those of us who are single, Valentine's Day can be an awful reminder of what we may feel like we are missing. Wouldn't it be nice to escape to a place that would assist you in creating and envisioning the relationship you would like to manifest in your life, as well as giving you a chance to fall more in love with yourself? Isn't that really the point of Valentine's Day deep down? To simply acknowledge and cherish the love that surrounds us whether it is romantic, friendly, or family love?

Fortunately, I have discovered a place in Chicago where you can learn about the 'Yoga of Love' to revitalize your relationship and give all the singles out there a little extra "oomph" to heat up the dating scene and life beyond the bedroom. It is a place where lovers of all types are going to learn and practice the 'yoga of love', that is the original yoga of the energetic body. They learn how to use conscious breathing, meditation, communication techniques and partner bodywork to connect more deeply with themselves and more intimately with their partner. Some people come to that place because of feeling stuck in a rut, or like they have lost their passion. Others are happy and simply come to tap into the creative life force and learn how to channel and circulate this life giving, pleasurable energy in support of their physical health, intimate well-being and relationship connection. Whatever your intention, there is no need to let a dreary winter day or a corny holiday keep you holding back the fire of desire and light of love within!

When interviewing a number of people who had gone through the 'yoga of love' workshops, one of the couples shared this with me: "My wife and I have started to benefit greatly in the growth of our relationship. The concept and practice of "energy" was an eye opener and we are now in a position to share our love connection in promoting a vibrant and loving marriage." Or here is what a single man expressed: "Learning to move my energy was a rewarding experience. Now, I can as a man use this skill until the time my next encounter with a beloved will arise......" A single woman put it this way: "It was an ecstatically joyous space to experience the fully integrated and true essence of my being. I did not expect to go away having come full circle - simply home within myself."

"There is a process and a purpose in this form of yoga practice, in this path, the inward path," explains Freddy Zental, the teacher of the 'Yoga of Love' classes. "Using sexual energy as a consciousness doorway and practical application allows for creating more joy and happiness in your life and for fueling your dreams to be fulfilled!" Wow. That sounds powerful enough to raise my temperature! So all you loners or lovers, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to harness your love energy and empower yourself to create the connection and vitality that you want!

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