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Is "Christ Consciousness" an Illusion?

The power of self-realization is at hand. Gather courage now and learn to trust, prepared to be vulnerable. Cultivate your idea of God wisdom and attune to the cosmic consciousness. The harvest of the world is at hand, what is there to harvest, you might ask.

Throughout the history of mankind, man has allowed his separate ego to plant seed of weeds within his consciousness. Collectively, we have focused on fear and have attracted and created everything possible. These seeds are now fully grown up and have entrapped man in delusion. Jesus referred to Satan as the weed within man. I call Satan the enemy within. The reason for this is, it has stemmed from the awareness within myself that certain beliefs and ideas where firmly planted within my sub consciousness mind. These seeds were the likes of anger, guilt, fear, hate, judgments of what is good or bad, likes and dislikes which included a range of imperfection which I perceive and focused on. Attraction and repulsions tied me to what ever I focused on. As a result of my focus on these imperfections, they expanded and came into existence. People are starting to realize that the ideas and beliefs that we focus on become our truth. But now, truth's are changing, in fact, truth is been revealed to all who are seeking it.

Those of you reading this, know that the weeds of entrapment are been cut away from the inside of you at the core of your being. Those of you who are on your path have allowed yourself to feel the love as the beginning of the immaculate soul. This is the immaculate idea of our parents (God and Goddess) by developing the ability to be guided by the feelings we would be able to receive the perfect idea to manifest a perfect desire. When we carry out the perfect idea, which is within the core of our being, we immediately feel joy. Hence, the rapture of love creates the perfect guidance

Remember the first time you fell in love. It was not a logic experience; it was instead an expansion of the heart energy which produced feelings of love. This magical feeling was so overwhelming that the thought process was subservient to it. No matter what logic you introduced to the problem, it had no power to get you to respond other than to embrace this feeling.

Once you embraced the feelings and cultivated them, love became a reality in your life. But if you allow the logic to produce thought, Fearful thoughts would have diluted down the feeling of love. What you focus on will manifest into your life. Hence, you associated love to be within the other. That assumption related to the subconscious mind that you alone were not enough. So your search for love was always directed outside of yourself. While in fact, you are the immaculate soul which is perfect individual, unique and its nature is love. This love has no boundaries but to love unconditional.

To my knowledge, all Jesus parables were metaphorical imagery. Jesus came into this world as the immaculate idea which in itself was like a "mustard seed". His mission was to plant the idea of the concept of Love. Jesus throughout His life spoke of Love repeatedly and expressed unconditional love throughout his life. Because Jesus had but a short time to carry out his mission, He planted the seed of unconditional love among the weeds, He spoke of the harvest. Now, because of man's inability to follow the natural order of what was intended, all his fearful thoughts became master of his being. This is because what one focus on will enlarge and grow and come into manifestation due to "The Law of Attraction". Attention on concepts energizes the ideas within them. This allows them to manifest within this world.

To allow feelings of fear to produce thought, allowed the imperfections of this world to manifest. So, all religions come from a conceived false truth, which has been revamped from time to time with new truth. But none the less, one steeped in the error because they are intellectualized. theoretical knowledge does not take into account, the imperfection of what though created without the presence and feeling of love. What was missing was the art of God contact. In my reading of all the Saints and the people of history, there was a passion within them until their dream was accomplished. Whatever they came to do, they kept focused on their objective until they achieved it. Without this passion life is dull. Throughout my life, I have failed many times, but each time I have apparently failed, I get up again. You too may recall the times you have acted with thoughts of less than love. But by having the ability to listen to the still small voice.Which is in itself the silence with in you; you continued to master your fears. You and I have somehow got up again. We call it the human spirit, which is within us all. It is like a mustard seed, if it is cultivated, it will grow up to be magnificent.

This passion is the spirit within you, which endeavours to accomplish great things. Remember Jesus words, "Greater things should you do, that I have done". To become intimate with spirit is the goal of everybody. But when our focus is on anything but on attention to spirit, we feel the absenteeism of spirit. This diverts the search to outside of us. It would have been wise had we searched for this intimacy with all our heart. Indeed with our entire mind and all our strength. Instead we settle for the intimacy with one another. We always attract to ourselves what lesson that the heart wants us to learn. "Intimum" in Latin means interior, which is explained as the inner core of our being. It is within the interior of our being that the spark of the Christ Self is waiting to develop, so it is like the "mustard seed "and will grow up to be magnificent and do great things.

So, real intimacy is to know God and Goddess contact. Here, lies the secret of all great mystics. They have learned to make the soul of man an illuminated temple where God and Goddess have come and have revealed through them the guidance that comes through their intuition of direct knowing. Within meditation, the intuition is developed. Here, one learns that the redemption is there, but to ask for it. Wisdom and peace is found in meditation. All will be support by the awaken Angels. Once the awakening takes place all those who consciously desire support will be given the opportunity in their astral existence to repent and resurrect their soul. The resurrection of the soul allows the seed of wisdom to grow and the souls that have awakened are saturated with the blissful state of the soul's intrinsic contact with the Christ Self and Cosmic Consciousness. This is the true marriage, which leads to self realization and wisdom.

What I am going to write now is very important. Before you read this, I would like you to take a break.. Go for a cup of tea, because when you come back, you will begin to realize the Perfect Truth.

The process of Redemption is the ability to receive God contact. When one eventually starts to feel the presence of the Angels and Christ teachers, one will pay more attention to the intuitive perception from within oneself. Higher levels of consciousness will be attracted by the devotion and determination of the unique soul. Within meditation, these Angels will gather all hidden agendas. All offending thoughts that are less than love will be re-qualified, when the person becomes conscious of the error. By opening up the heart centre of love, we invite in those Angels by our attention and focus on redemption this in turn creates the faith in the force of love to develop wisdom. Faith, Love and Wisdom are the corner stones of self-realization. When Faith, Love and Wisdom are saturated within your own consciousness, they will eventually enter the sub-consciousness and super consciousness, and become a reality or a new Perfect Truth.

This will not happen effortlessly, there will be gnashing of teeth, because of all the old perception and pre-dispositions will fight to the better end. I call this, the inner resistance of the thoughts which we habitually entertain everyday. It is by developing true wisdom that this resistance of thought will diminish. Instead, new thoughts will produce new ideals of what truth is. The day is coming now, where what has being brought forth from the mouth of Jesus, will be a new revelation of truth for the world. It will be old truths expressed newly. It is my life work to look at old truths and have the wisdom to bring about old truth express differently.

Human life is at all various stages. The reason why we are all at different stages is because "some seeds fell on the hard ground" and never grew. Other seeds got trapped into a dry soil and still other fell into moist soggy ground. The seeds that fell on hard ground never had a chance, at least there is still time for them.. They are the people who have chosen to not develop love within their selves. The seeds that fell on dry ground never cultivate the mind, even though they knew the knowledge. The seeds that fell in the water slugged ground did not ground their knowledge in practice and devotion by clearing the water of misconception.

You might ask, "How does one clear the water of misconception? Where focused attention is firmly on the world. You allow the restless nature of your conscious mind dictate to you, it is impossible. But when you ask for full support from the Christ Teacher and Angels, they will assist you, not coercively, but gently. By regular meditation, you start to focus only on the inner core of your being. This is the place where all powers come from. "Here one by one, the Christ Teachers will assist you to let go of the past thoughts and associated feelings of thought less than love. After they have released you from self delusional thoughts, the Christ Self will draw near you. You will know this as an increase feeling of love within your body at first; it will expand out in ever increasing vibration allowing you to merge with who you truly are.

At some point in the future, the Christ Self will be a reality for you. You will not know the hour and the time when this will happen. But know this, that once you start the spiritual path, this is your destination. This allows you to have an inner knowing of love, peace and joy. This will be felt within your heart and will expand out from you through your heart. The Christ Self will lead you to a greater wisdom of who you are. A shift in consciousness will bring you to a realization and a new awareness of the "I AM PRESENCE". At this point, the thoughts you experience are backed with the ability to know truth for yourself. As the vibration of love increases, you will be left with no doubt about the reality of knowing the presence within you. Then gradually over time, with determination, practice and allowing, you will one day arrive to the understanding of universal consciousness. It is with the wisdom of this level of consciousness, that your God Self will identify itself with an individual vibration and the name. The name will be communicated to you within the silence within yourself, and the knowing will prompt you to say the name out loud. Once you repeat the name, the power of power within the throat chakra will express that name with extreme ecstasy and joy.

Remember Jesus words, "In my Fathers house there are many mansions". Seeking spiritual knowledge and wisdom open the pathways to the Christ Self. From my own prospective, it is by creating harmonious movement from one stage to the next, can the word become life within you. This allows you to ascend into the luminous heights of the nature of your true home. But before that, you must by your own choice shatter all the walls of fear and separation that you presently give focus to. The rewards are unspeakable joy and bliss and infinite wisdom as a blessed human spirit which you could call living in PARADISE.

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