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#Kindred, for those of you on the Inner Circle who have had their "alters", spirits, demons or entities reveal Themselves and Their Celestial Names to you, you were given that experience for a reason.

You have a contract with their possessing entity for a reason. You have power over it or them to RELEASE it or them (which is WHY they revealed this SACRED information to you) as follows:

Write that "beings" name on a piece of paper.

Say OUT LOUD as follows:

" Name "

"I have WON your contracts

You are RELEASED from your contracts

You may return to OUR HEAVENLY CREATOR and to your natural and glorious self, with LOVE

!#JEHOVAH clean them up

Put them right back into the battle

Place them back upon

Whomever sent them towards me, or my loved ones.

Thank You "

Burn the paper with the name on it.

I hope this helps, my groovy scoobies.

If you have any questions please contact me. The response is FREE.

As always, I am sending you ALL . . .

Light, Love and Blessings


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