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Exactly WHO are MY Spiritual Guides; Can They Really Help?!

You're Never Alone

Everyone has a Spiritual Team. It varies somewhat from person to person, but you have at least two personal guardian angels as well as a group of human souls, called Spirit Guides, with you and on call 24/7.

Doesn't that make you feel better already?

You are not technically ever alone. If you need guidance, ask for it. Your Team is there to assist you. Your angels will guard and protect you. Your spirit guides are there to help you fulfill your spiritual mission and provide you with clues, opportunities, signs, and synchronicities to lead you to the next step along your path. Usually, you will not have an epiphany. You will just get the next step. You must pay attention, recognize it, and take action on it.

Who Are Spirit Guides And Did You Choose Them Yourself?

Spirit guides are human souls who have walked in your shoes here on earth. They have agreed to serve as your spirit guides in this incarnation in order to ascend. Before you were born, when you were planning your life lessons, your mission, your purpose this time around, your Higher Self (your soul, the part of you that is part of God/Source/The Universe) actually hired on these individuals to come help you to accomplish that and reconnect you with your Higher Self.

When we're born, the veil between dimensions "thickens" and we intentionally forget who we are at soul level and what we planned before we were born. We have a primary spirit guide who is with us from Day 1, and who never leaves us. Other guides appear at later stages when needed, usually to help with specific things, all tied in to our life lessons and spiritual development.

Our spirit guide team usually is between 4 to 6 individuals by the time we are adults. If you find yourself seeing signs, symbols, synchronicities and experiencing coincidences, you've met your guides at work. There are Transit Guides who will come to help with something specific, stay a varying period of time (weeks, months, years) and then be on their way.

Tell, Don't Ask

When talking to your guides, take the tact that they are here to serve you. They are part of your Team, and you are in charge of it. They will not necessarily provide you with guidance until you tell them to do so. Tell rather than ask, but of course in a respectfully commanding way. Always express your thanks to them for the assistance you are given. If you want Angelic assistance, you must always ask for it as they will not interfere with your free will.

You Are Going To Have To Explain Yourself

You do not pray to your guides, you tell them that you want help with something specific, and describe exactly what it is as if you are explaining it to someone who doesn't have any experience with that concept. Your own Team may be working at varying degrees of advancement so you may have to point out, for example, the whys or the consequences of what you're looking for. This is because they are working from the perspective of "your spiritual advancement."

The more advanced they are, the less likely they are to understand that money plays a role in say, a career change down here on earth. So you will want to point that out to them as well: "I don't enjoy my current job and want to make a career change. Please send me the people, places, and things I need to discover to find what would be my best choice in what to do to earn money. I need money in order to have a place to live and to pay for food to eat." You get the idea.

Be very specific, but simultaneously very open to the possibilities. Don't rule out winning the lottery or getting an inheritance if what you're really looking for is money to live on. But if what you really want is a career you will enjoy working on most of the days of your life, that is a very different question. If you need money to live on, tie the two together in your discussion with your Team.

How To Be Specific When Requesting Guidance From Your Spiritual Team

So you are thinking of making a career change and ask for your guides to send your way the people, training, companies, whatever that you think you need. You might additionally ask them for "or something better." Let's assume you don't always have the answer to your question; that's why you're asking for guidance, after all. You want to be quite clear about the end result you are looking for. Visualize it as clear as day.

Be 100% open to the possibility that a different method or path may indeed solve your problem. For example, a stay-at-home Mom might really want to be with her children but might feel she needs to get a job outside the home to bring in the necessary money. Suppose she has cut expenses to the bone and doesn't live a lavish lifestyle, but her husband has left or is there but just lost his job or experienced a salary cut. What might her options be?

Get a full time job and put her children in daycare Get a full time job and have her husband stay home Get a full time job and have a grandparent look after the children

She realizes that there are a lot of expenses associated with a full time job and starts imagining other,more palatable, choices:

A part-time job outside the home Work from home for a company via telecommuting Work from home possibilities through franchises already set up for this purpose Work from home at her own business

That's her Logical Mind, hard at work. She is thinking of all of the practical possibilities to solve her problem. She remembers to keep her #1 priority in mind - spending quality time with her kids - yet still earning the needed extra money.

The last choice sounds the best, so she sets a picture of herself very clearly in her mind as an entrepreneur with her own company. She imagines what kind of business it will be, who she will contact to help her get started, it is impressed on her mind with crystal clarity.

She very specifically writes down exactly what she wants to talk to her guides about. She calls a Board Meeting with her spiritual team. They get to work bringing her the people, places and information she will need to keep going. But there's one thing she forgot.

There Is Always The Possibility Of A Miracle

She forgot about the "or something better, please God" - the possibility of a Miracle. Some other way the money could have come in to cover her bills without her having to take so much time away from her children in order to work on a start-up company. I'm not suggesting that she would have won the lottery...but from personal experience I can tell you that there are many, many ways that the universe can bring you exactly what you want, things you never would have thought of, if only you don't put parameters around it and insist that's the only way it can come about. Your spiritual team has a far bigger and better imagination than most of us do - they practically corner the market on creativity. No matter what happens, or what you think might happen, don't put a time frame around it, either. Don't repeat yourself. Ask once. Clarify if necessary. Answers might come straight away, but generally these things don't turn on a dime and need some time to show up for you, perhaps n a month. Assume your message has been received and it's being worked on.

Your Next Step

What you are really asking for is "your next step" in discovering the possible paths. You will not usually get an epiphany. What you will get is the one next thing to do. It may not always be an obvious or straightforward thing to do. It might even seem downright weird and completely unrelated. But as things start to manifest, what you must do is (1) assume they are in fact related and (2) be willing to give it a try and (3) be listening and paying attention all of the time to catch them in the first place. If you've gone down the wrong road, you will be met with roadblocks. Stay open minded though because sometimes you learn something that is mission critical in your time spent figuring out that something won't work, so that you'll know what you're seeing when the right thing comes along.

How To Pay Attention

You've put the request out there. You are patiently waiting. Well, what exactly are you waiting for? You have an intuitive channel. Your guides may send you messages in a few different ways, which I addressed in my blog post "The Four Clairs." In summary, you may get a gut feeling, shivers down your spine, see a flash of an image in your mind, hear a high-quality, positive voice with a brief message, smell something, have an earth angel (another person) deliver the information to you directly, or you may find yourself giving advice to someone else and realize that is exactly the advice you needed to hear yourself. You may experience something that feels like deja vu, or see a series of unmistakable repeating symbols or signs like number sequences.

Coincidences may happen. There are no coincidences. If you remember that one thing, it will stop you from missing or dismissing your messages that are genuinely from your team. Don't do that - stop to consider why you might have had that happen to you, and be willing to look silly or take a chance, and Take Action.

If you miss the action step, if you muse on it too long and say to yourself, "That couldn't be it," then you may find yourself in a situation where your team tries and fails to get through, repeatedly. If someone did that to you, would you keep trying forever or would you give up? If you really are hesitant or unsure, ask for confirmation. Simply request a sign or synchronicity that shows you that you read it right. There is nothing wrong with requesting clarity.

One really important caveat - your spiritual team is working with Divine Love, Light and Truth. By definition, the messages will be positive. They will sound like a wise person. They will be moral. They will not under any circumstances be negative or involve questionable activities on your part that would harm someone else. They will "be brief, be brilliant, and be gone."

The Best Technique When Talking To Your Guides

Slade Roberson taught me an invaluable technique that I will pass on to you. When asking your guides a question or for advice, put your hand over your heart, ask your question out loud (you must say it), and then immediately continue speaking, "My guides say..." Don't pause or stop to think in any way. Feel it through your heart. You will be astonished at what comes out of your own mouth. This is a fantastic way to solve problems and gain clarity.


Remember that speaking to your guides and spiritual team is an ongoing process. It's like meeting a friend for the first time, and then spending years getting to know them. If you remember this analogy it will stop you from getting frustrated. You put out an olive branch, and they will meet you part way. They will be delighted that you are working on bettering your communication with them. Keep up the communication - don't just ask when you've come to a big crisis. Would you do that with a friend?

You can practice with the most mundane things - lose your cars keys? Ask for help finding them. Then LISTEN. As you go about your everyday life, if you truly Pay Attention, you will tune into your guidance. Remember, mostly you will just get the "next step" in the process. Want an answer to a "big picture" question? Sometimes they send you to the convenience store or tell you to eat ice cream...something that makes no sense. But if you will take action and actually go to the store or eat the ice cream, you will earn the next step, and the next, until one day you can look back and laugh, realizing the circuitous route makes all the sense in the world.

Your guides are there for you, waiting for you.

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