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Eastern Crystal Healing Modalities

More than five billion years ago, a star exploded in a fiery supernova. Over millions of years, the swirling, colliding cosmic debris produced larger and larger spatial bodies. Our solar system took shape, and as the red-hot molten rock cooled, water vapor condensed in the earth's atmosphere. Clouds formed. A deluge of rain created the primordial oceans; and crystals formed.

Crystals are highly structured units of energy in constant motion:

  • they gestate deep within the earth and, metaphorically speaking, assist in uncovering individual buried reserves of power and strength

  • they are structured according to precise mathematical rules and adhere to clearly defined geometric patterns

  • they are forced to transmute under intense pressure, and are made exquisite by extremes of time and temperature

Every crystal is unique, with properties and characteristics as varied as their individual strengths. The study of crystals would consume years but a surprising number of benefits can be attributed to all crystals.

Each and every crystal can be programmed to receive, store, release, reflect, refract, magnify, transform, balance and harmonize, organize, amplify, focus and redirect energy. Thus, the understanding of their endless applications historically documented in virtually all cultures.

Ancient Egypt's Pharaohs were entombed with vast quantities of precious jewels, gemstones, and ornate golden statues to assure their enjoyment in the afterlife. These gold encrusted metals were ornamented with:

  • carnelian - believed to ensure the soul's passage into the netherworld

  • lapis lazuli - the ancient alchemist's stone of heaven; used by the royal morticians in cosmetizing and painting

  • turquoise - believed to ward off the "evil eye"

  • quartz - the mainstay of the crystal world, and the most versatile, multipurpose stone

  • amber - believed to aid in discovering ancient wisdom and knowledge

  • emeralds - favored by the Pharaohs for their breathtaking green color; symbolized life, growth, fertility, and creativity

  • ruby - considered one of the most valuable gemstones of our earth; symbolizes power, passion, and desire

  • sapphire - the stone of prosperity and the sister of the ruby

  • topaz - once thought to be tinted with the golden glow of the Egyptian sun god Ra; believed to increase physical strength

Chinese jade, long believed to be a symbol of wealth and honor, has been treasured since 2950 B.C. The ancient Chinese used jade extensively in treating chronic disease, restoring energy balance, and strengthening spiritual healing power. Jade is incorporated in feng shui to help one improve life by receiving positive qi (energy).

The mysterious, enigmatic crystal skulls of Mexico, Central and South America, represent some of the most fascinating archaeological finds of the 20th century. Within the last ten years or so, there have been recently discovered crystal skulls, either excavated or held by private collectors. The mysteries of the Mayan Crystal Skulls have endured for millennia; most interestingly, the prophesied, parallel demise of our world as we know it, and the great cycle of the Mayan calendar on December 21st, 2012.

Individuals familiar with natural healing practices are all pretty well accepting of the universal laws of mind/body/spirit interface philosophies fundamental to Indian Ayurvedic and Native American systems.

Crystal healing teaches the basic principles and characteristics of the human energy field:

  • barite - a sky-blue stone, is favored by many Native Americans, who use it to transform from physical to spiritual beings in their ceremonial practices; is also said to inspire lucid dreams and dream recall

  • emeralds - the ancient Incas and Aztecs in South America believed emeralds were holy; the Vedas, the ancient sacred writings of Hinduism, teach that emeralds are lucky stones that enhance well-being

  • nebula stone - black with nebula-like markings for access to cosmic wisdom and understanding

  • pink manganocalcite - is sometimes called the Reiki stone; healers use it to magnify their healing energies

  • serpentine - believed to guard against the bites and stings of venomous creatures; on a metaphysical level, it is thought to help with the rise of kundalini, or "serpent fire" energy through the chakras

  • Shiva lingam stones - any Indiana Jones enthusiast is familiar with Indy's quest for the 3 sacred stones symbolizing the Hindu god, Lord Shiva; the markings symbolize yoni or female energy, for the perfect balance of masculine and feminine fertility

  • sugilite - used by healers to dispel pain and instill peace of mind

  • sunstone - used to dispel negativity and fear; radiate health, happiness, and good fortune

Practitioners of crystal healing develop and experience personal energy sensitivity and healing abilities. By "listening" and being " in tune" with their crystals, they can redirect unhealthy, negative energy patterns; rejuvenate, balance and align their energetic bodies.

Civilized societies depend on quartz as the key component in advanced technologies. The discovery of solid-state silicon radar crystals and transistors turned the tide for the Allies in WW II, and generated new concepts for electronics in oceanographic and atmospheric research. You will never again look at your computer, digital camera, cell phone, crystal watch, cd or dvd player; or even an xray machine; without thinking about the quartz powering these.

Crystals, in and of themselves, do not heal. Instead, they can be used as a focal point for inspiration and enlightenment; they can prompt practitioners to think and live in healthier ways; and they can be used as conduits for healing energy. This knowledge will awaken intuitions to guide you through the science and the superstition.

Good Health!

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