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Crystal Saunas; Healing the Inner You

Will saunas based on crystals help your health if you use them a few times a week? And what kind of help can they offer a person?

Well, consider that the benefits of sitting in heat to work up a sweat, and the use of crystals to harness good energy have both been practiced by many cultures in centuries past. Lately, people are starting to accept that it's no fairytale that crystals do aid in healing by giving off a gentle warmth - called "radiant heat" - which assists the body's detoxification process by penetration the of tissues. However, for years now, many people have been taking advantage of the health benefits of relaxing in a hot sauna, while the heat does the work in releasing harmful toxins through their perspiration.

The latest news in technology has people from all walks of life - including the medical community - enthusiastic about the amazing boosts to the metabolism and immune systems one can get just from partaking the warmth of infra-red lights, while they sit and unwind in the heat room. For your consideration, here are just some of the ways, you too, can experience better health from routine sweat-fests:

Lowered blood pressure: Crystal heat therapy helps the cardiovascular functions by jump starting the circulatory system, which regulates blood pressure, allowing it to travel through the body more freely. And when it's flowing like it should, the result is normal pressure - which can mean decreased risk of heart attack or stroke.

Relief from pain: Just by sitting and sweating in a hot room a few times a week, you can lessen the discomfort of things like tender muscles and sore joints. Annoying aches start to subside, thanks to the gentle heat that penetrates tissues and melts lactic acids away, so they're easily flushed out with the rest of the toxins.

Skin conditions: Toxins and various stored up bacteria that irritate the skin and cause disease become easier to eliminate through sweating, as well. Whether you have a certain condition - or just want to clear your face of impurities that clog the pores - partaking of some crystallized heat to the skin tissue, will help clean it out and leave it feeling fresh and smooth.

Weight loss and cellulite reduction: You might able to shed some of those extra pounds a bit easier - thanks to the powerful warmth of infra-red light. The magic beam gains access through the tissue with its heat, where it targets fat cells - along with stored-up heavy metals from a toxic environment - for quick elimination through perspiration.

Work out fanatics everywhere are thrilled to learn that those annoying cottage cheese pockets that cling so stubbornly to certain places on the anatomy, may have finally met their match with regular visits to the "crystal sauna", to let the radiant heat aid in eliminating fatty deposits in those areas. This is accomplished by the heat first freeing up the body's circulatory system for better blood flow, then by its penetration of the skin to liquefy the deposits so they can be flushed out with sweat.

These are just a few ways that saunas based on crystals help your health. There are many more benefits to this therapy, but make sure you check in with your doctor to get all the details - and to make sure it's the right therapy for you

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