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Can You MAKE Your Lover Come Back to You?! Should You?

All through your relationship, you devoted each and every waking moment to your ex. Suddenly, you are alone - your ex walked out on you, you are absolutely heartbroken and want more than anything in the world to win your ex back. I can tell you now, there are a lot of changes that need to be made before you try getting your ex back into your life again.

First of all, it is really great that you love your ex so much that you gave your all in order for your ex to be happy. However, there are two reasons why this is so wrong. Did your ex also devote his/her life to you, or was this all one-sided on your part? Also, Even though you though you were doing something good, you were probably smothering your ex with love, and he/she just couldn't take it anymore and walked out on you.

Seriously, although you love your ex this much, don't let your ex be the main focus in your life. You are an individual with your own needs as well, so you need to share yourself with your ex. In other words, don't give yourself body and soul to your ex - this is not healthy for either of you.

Now, you have to make it a resolution of yours to not hand over your life to your ex. This is not what he/she wants at all. Yes, love your ex as much as possible, but understand that you are not demonstrating your love to your ex by taking over every minute of your ex's life.

Now to have a chance to win your ex back, start right now. Use some of your time for yourself. Spend that time doing the things that YOU want to do, WITHOUT your ex. You need to show your ex that you have interests of your own other than him/her.

If after a few days you receive a text message from your ex, take you time to reply to the message. When you do, don't tell your ex that you have been waiting for a message from him/her. Rather tell your ex about what you've been doing. Make the message interesting - your ex doesn't want to hear how desperate you are to get back together again.

To win your ex back, prove to your ex that you do have a life of your own, and you can be an interesting person to be with. Your ex will be relieved that your life doesn't revolve around him/her totally, and you might just have a chance to get back together again.

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