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Astral Sex

Astral projection is an exhilarating experience. The finest component of this process is that it aids us with numerous benefits too. We get the answers and solutions to our problems since it lets us perceive things from a different point of view which is hazily possible during waking hours. The thoughts and imagination of a person are enhanced to a great level as he/she can reach at any place, meet anybody or simply just roam around during astral projecting. Also, one can practice activities since the brain is equally active at that time and it helps us in learning things to a greater extent.

However, there is one more benefit that astral projection provides, that is, astral sex. It is true that astral projection can also improve your sex life. When the out-of-body experience combines with the most urging desire of human race it creates a union above and beyond all the limits of pleasure. Astral sex can take place between two consenting adults. It is not possible to fantasize and indulge into astral sex with any desired person who is not unaware and unwilling about the act. Mutual consent and understanding is a must as similarly as in real life sexual relations.

Astral sex gets us close to the person with whom we are already intimate, that is usually spouses or partners. A new level of spiritual and emotional connectedness is created when the cosmic powers of respective partners fuse. In addition to that, the laws of gravity are defied, bundled up and thrown away as astral plane is oblivious to the rules of the physical world. Therefore, you and your partner can enjoy sexual intercourse without any physical limitations.

Now the question is why would anyone rely on astral sex when they can very well make love in the real world? It is true that physical love making can be immensely pleasurable and satisfying. Although, there are instances when there is something lacking and is not letting you enjoy the process to the hilt. At times, one feels so close to a person that love making doesn't feel enough. That is when astral sex steps in. It fills up the missing element of the physical love making. This process lets you connect with your partner to a much deeper spiritual and emotional level.

Furthermore, it doesn't follow the guidelines of physical sexual intercourse such as positions, gender roles and sexual inhibitions. The love making takes place between two astral bodies therefore they are not bound to follow such rules.

Astral sex can rejuvenate and induce a dull and boring sex life with intensity and joy. It helps couples create a greater level of intimacy for each other which in turn, also enhance them as individuals.

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