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Ancient Portals to Mystical Wonders

Truth seekers have, since time immemorial, sought to transcend the barriers between different dimensions, in order to raise consciousness, both personally and globally, and have used a wide array of approaches to achieve such expanded experiences or shifts in vibration.

It has always been said that such locations or sacred sites, which tend to be sited on very powerful ley lines, are where the veil between this and higher vibrational worlds or dimensions is 'thin'; and certainly because our reality is created by electro-magnetic energies, the only difference between these dimensions is, quite simply, vibration.

These energetic centres are also referred to as portals, stellar or solar discs, interdimensional openings, doorways, star gates, bridges, and so on. They transport information from one reality to another, allowing us somehow to move between realms. Portals are in a constant state of change; they open and close, and can be found just about anywhere. Larger, stronger portals are found in power places, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, the Mayan Pyramids, Machu Picchu, and other sacred sites.

Unlocking our truth

I have visited a number of such sites in Scotland, Peru, and, most importantly to me, in Egypt. These hot-spots of energy can facilitate or accelerate spiritual development. Whether these are physical portals or portals of consciousness seems merely academic. The point is that there are times when we experience something out of step with normal 'time and space, a faster moving experience beyond everyday reality and that tapping into these other dimensions allows us to access levels of awareness that are otherwise unknown. These portals serve as a ritual of summoning and can be our way forward, to complete our life's purpose, our mission, our growth, our soul's journey on Earth. lf we are agreed that we live and have always lived in a multi-dimensional reality: and that heaven and earth co-exist right here, as do our past and present selves, we can be open to the possibility that we have set up these experiences in the past for a future which is NOW. All the answers are encoded within each one of us and many of us have remembered that we begged for the opportunity to be here to experience this amazing event. We also agreed to act as catalysts or keys for others to remember and awaken to a higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

Mind Expanding Moments

While working with energy, l'd had physical feelings of energetic growth, of being 'reprogrammed' During the most phenomenal experience I seemed to be launched out of my body and all I could do was call out 'Ground me!' to my colleagues as I was transported through a profound and spontaneous series of revelations. lt was one of those moments of total realisation of a simple truth - that we exist on many levels simultaneously.

I was standing on a West Coast hilltop beside a grave with a Celtic cross. I was a very young girl wearing a soft olive green full length dress under my cloak. My feelings were of the poignancy of a lost love. I felt pain in my heart centre and saw a beautiful bright emerald light in that area.

A shift and this time I found myself amid the central circle at Callanish on the Western lsle of Lewis in Scotland, face and palms turned to the sky. I was co-creating directly with a higher intelligence. Next I was in deep 'space' and I saw myself shoot through stars like the 'Enterprise' on warp drive.

Then I was lying on a therapy couch suspended in nothingness, surrounded by light beings towering over me. I felt masses of information and energy flowing through me and love like I have never experienced. The beautiful emerald light came again which we all had to earth. The next day I received an email containing the following channelled materials,... shift within the Arcuturian Corridor... leading to your remembering multi-dimensional selves, and your access to all dimensions simultaneously for an understanding of all things, all others who exist with other realms, and an opportunity for recognition of oneness within yourselves. The exact moment of the transference of the energy created within the shift of the corridor is on September 17, 2002 at 12:33:4pm. At this time, many of you will feel a rush of energies.' This was the day of my experience.

The gateway to the soul

Conversations with friends confirmed my instinctive belief that we all have worked with these energies before. I began my research, looking closest to home first, at the beautiful stone circle of Callanish. The site itself pre-dates Stonehenge and possibly the Egyptian Pyramids, all of which figure prominently on the planetary crystalline grid. There is a major geomantic link between Callanish and the Giza complex in Egypt. Akashic information tells us that after the final destruction of Atlantis the primary post-Atlantean mystery school complex was established on the Isle of Lewis.

Another experience took place at Machu Picchu as I sat on a flat rock resting after descending from the Sun Gate on the Inca Trail gazing at the portal of the enchanted city, Wayna Pichu. My vision began with the image of an eye transforming into a disc-like ship, then the whole 'transportation' experience again, but this time with an accompanying guide. I was shown the series of such discs and told how they have to be linked worldwide. I was told that the route for all pilgrims was through the eye, the eyes are the portals. For me this is simply confirmation that the route comes from within. I had to ask myself what might be the catalyst for such experiences? I knew I had a massive personal letting go before my visit to Peru and that experience confirmed the message from Callanish of stellar portals and connection with the ancestors or 'answers as I had started calling them, after realising my constant slip of the tongue was no accident. I have been taken on this path, sometimes kicking and screaming, being forced to let go of many things held dear to me and those that held me back. I was continuously faced with my blocks and eventually had to look at myself bare in the face, to see my shadow stare me down and to confront both my greatest weakness and greatest strength.

Knowing our truth

However, the dark night of the soul was soon replaced with another absolute knowledge that we live the life we choose and continue to do so moment by moment. There is something of alchemy, of making something pure, at work. I also knew there was something about certain guided journeys - the initiation process and pilgrimages to sacred sites that I wanted to move forward with. I had a particularly strong connection with Egypt. lt oozes with powerful, sacred energy in addition to the visible stellar connection. There is also the fascinating parallel between the great epoch of Ancient Egypt and our own: the comparison of the descent into matter and corresponding ascent to spirit or back to source as described by Steiner; the resurgence of skills used back then, being practised in our modern society. In ancient times after the required study at the Mystery Schools, initiates meditated on the energetic spiral upon which the Great Pyramid is erected until they left their bodies, returning with an expanded consciousness and understanding or an imprint upon their astral bodies. At that time this was the only way to understand the Great Mystery; today of course we have accelerated development through these portals and energies. Now it seems that when we touch our own creation myth and the memories begin coming through, the person we become is so unique that we feel in awe of our own selves! I knew that the knowledge from Machu Picchu was simply another preparation.

After leaving there I had the experience of living a dream which I had shared with many others six months before and watching it unfold before my very eyes and seeing the bits that had been unclear in the dream become clear - amazing. I knew I was where I was meant to be even though mundane circumstance may have dictated otherwise to the casual observer. That led to what I can only call an initiation into the divine Feminine on Takeil, an island on Lake Titicaca, and to sharing knowledge with others.

Turning Knowing into being

I've always felt these experiences were stepping stones, part of a training course. How was I to reflect that in my professional life? What was the way forward to help others through the portal, into the sekhem; that place beyond time and space where colour, light and sound merge in such a way that the depth of your soul is touched and a personal journey of awakening begins? When I began sharing this with others my hope was that through ritualistic initiations, holistic therapy, esoteric study and being at key places at key times with key people, my students would begin to remember too. This has proven to be true over and over again and I have learned that by visiting these incredible sites ancient memories and teachings can be tapped into consciously and unconsciously to assist us on our journey and that healing can occur. At one time I suppose I thought l'd find a system. l've let that idea go now and I suppose what I have realised above all else is to simply follow my own heart and let all else happen. Part of it is never being quite sure how but to have the intention to facilitate, continually let go of all control, seek the open heartedness, watch the signs, pay attention to the dreams and then simply enjoy the ride!

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