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3 Easy Steps to Soulmate Reconnection

Do you continuously ask "where can I find my soulmate?" Do you possess the qualities you believe your soulmate would be most attracted to? Are you looking for someone fun, happy, loyal and honest as your soulmate? Then are YOU fun? Happy? Loyal? Honest?

If you become what YOU yourself are looking for in a soulmate, or become complementary to what you are looking for, then you will be ready to attract what you are looking for.

Realise the need to step up. If you have discovered that you are not the best you can be and are unlikely to attract your ideal partner, then don't despair. You are 100% responsible for yourself and your life. It's time to do something about it. Accepting this is the first step to changing your situation.

It's time to take action! This is not about changing yourself... This is about becoming the BEST you can be and celebrating the essence of who you REALLY are.

Write down what you want in a soulmate, once you have done that, take the next vital step. Ask yourself: 'What do I need to BE, DO, and HAVE in order to attract my soulmate?'


If you want a fit and healthy kinda guy, it's highly unlikely that he will be attracted to someone who is obese and hates exercise! So you would have to start BEING fit and healthy-minded. You would probably have to start DOING some exercise and eating healthful foods. You would have to HAVE a gym membership, put aside an hour per day in order to exercise and HAVE healthy foods in your fridge. Get the gist?

Start by filling out this list.

Who do I need to BE to attract and find my soulmate?

What do I need to DO to attract my soulmate?

What do I have to HAVE to attract my soulmate?

Take ONE from each section and start doing this TODAY.

Be the best of who you really are. Remember what you wrote about what you wanted for yourself and your life? That's where you want to place your focus from now on. Remember what you wrote earlier about what you wanted in your soulmate? You want to be able to complement his traits and values. Now let's look at your best qualities that you could bring to your soulmate relationship. These are the qualities you are going to capitalize on.

What qualities can you maximize on?

If you are being the very best you can be, you will radiate a certain aura - a confident and happy one - which will attract your soulmate more easily to you. Never will you need to ask "where can I find my soulmate" again. Nothing will draw people more to you than when you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step- MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.

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