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7 signs that show us our spirits will always live on

It is not only in our dreams that we receive messages from our souls. Every day of our lives, in each moment the universe, Spirit, or God is speaking to us in dreams, signs, symbols, coincidences, and synchronicities. At night when we go to sleep, we can ask for a dream to clarify a situation, inspire you or help you make an important decision. We can apply the same technique in our waking time by asking the universe for a sign or symbol that will help us make the right choice, ease our minds or help us with conditions in our life. They are messages that can pertain to your current life, your future life, or something you need to know.

Where do Signs come from?

Signs come from cultures, religions, secret societies, your heritage, and the collective unconscious of the human race. I cannot tell you all the history and information here in this article regarding signs and symbols, it is much too much for here and now in my article. I can tell you if you have seen the movies, The DaVinci Code or Angels and Demons that Tom Hanks plays the character role of Robert Langdon who studies signs and is a professor of sorts on signs and symbols. Signs serve as messengers of important information about your current life or future or can be reflections of what is going on with you in your life and inside of you. I believe that signs are from all mentioned above and God, Spirit, or the Universe - Whatever you feel comfortable calling The ALL That Is. And I am happy to share with you my experiences and knowledge gleaned from signs in my life.

How do signs work?

I have called on signs or symbols for many years, even though I don't recall when and where I first used one. I know that I have always known that even little things, coincidences mean something more than first thought to mean. Have you ever been in a hurry and when you are trying to leave your house or office the phone rings, then you drop your briefcase and papers go flying, then you cannot find your keys and the darn situation just keeps going on and on and you are thinking to yourself "damn I just want to go what is the deal here?!" Then just as you take a moment, take a deep breath, your intuition tells you to just wait? Just then call comes in that was your friend that you were rushing out the door to meet telling you they are canceling or maybe the elevator got stuck and had you been on it you would have been stuck in it too. This is a messenger sign letting you know that hey wait a minute your timing is off...just wait.

Signs also reflect our inner world, acknowledged or not and they reflect our beliefs. This where the like attracts as the thing comes into play too. If you are a person who thinks all wealthy people are crooks then you will only see and hear stories and experience wealthy people who are crooks. Even if you are conscious of thinking no not all wealthy people are crooks your inner core belief still radiates out that energy or all rich people are crooks and that is what you attract. You must deal with the belief at the core subconscious level to eradicate it and change it for the better for you to attract better. If you want to know what you truly feel and believe look around your life and see who and what is in it and what it is reflecting you.

How do signs appear in your life?

As mentioned above, it can be something not going along as you like it, being delayed obviously! If you ask the universe for a sign here are a few ways that the sign can appear to you:

Dreams: These dream signs can be coming from Spirit and or both your higher self pay attention to the most outstanding symbol, sign, word, phrase, emotion, or song from a dream and see how it plays out in your waking life to understand it's the message.

Conversations: Pay attention to conversations, "slips of the tongue", or overheard conversations (there is a reason they are having the conversation for you to be able to hear it.) Practice more on truly listening and not thinking about what you are going to say when you are in a conversation to hear messages for you. Be in the moment.

Random thoughts: Pay attention to fleeting seemingly random thoughts that pass through your mind while you are doing something or being "normal".

Songs/Music: Have you ever started singing a song or humming a tune or I personally wake up almost every morning with some random song in my head. What are the words or titles it could be a message for you?

Radio, Television, and Movies: Words, scenes, commentary can all be a conveyance for a message to get to you.

Books, magazines, billboards, printed words: A word or phrase will jump out at you from the page. Sometimes, for a quick reading or answer to a question, I will grab a book and sit with it for a few minutes quiet my mind and then ask a question and open the book and see what the first word or sentence jumps out at me says. Many times, it is just what I need to know.

People: People (known and unknown) can be put on your path to cross with you and give you the answer you need. If you think of a particular person that usually means to call them or see them that they have a message for you. Every single person is meant to see you or cross paths and with you, and you with them otherwise we would not see them. Just think, you could be carrying a message for them too. It's not always about us!

These are just a few ways signs are present in our lives or that we can call on signs and look for their message to come from.

Calling For a Sign:

Most recently, I have called on a sign to help me make a very hard decision of knowing when to "put to sleep" a dearly beloved pet.

My cat Chloe and I have been together since she picked me out at the shelter 16 years ago. She was the third addition to my cat family, of two boy cats who I had already been adopted by 5 years before. Since our journey together she has moved with me 3 times, seen her two "brother" cats pass on to the rainbow bridge, and has gracefully loved my dog, Pierre since he was introduced to her 7 years ago and has seen me in every emotional state possible! A few weeks ago, I noticed she was not up to par. I took her in for her annual and grooming and when I picked her up that day she seemed to have a stuffy nose. For the next 10 days, she did not eat or drink and lost 6 pounds. I was feeding her and giving her water with a syringe every hour. She became severely dehydrated and with one of my other cats I had been through this before and the outlook did not look good for her. I called the vet and we discussed her various problems and her quality of life. I made the appointment for Friday.

That night, I prayed and wrote a letter to God then sat down next to her and told her and the universe: "Listen, I need a sign from you that if it is time for you to go on...if you are ready to go then nothing will change between now and tomorrow. However, if you are not ready to go I request the sign that you get up and eat and drink on your own."

Four hours later, I was in the kitchen cooking and one of the ingredients I was using was tuna. After opening the can, lo' and behold here she is in the kitchen meowing and rubbing against me. I picked her up and noticed her nose was completely cleared and she was breathing fine. I put some of the tuna in her bowl and she ate it all, then I opened another can of her food and she ate it all, she then drank from her water dish. Today, one week later, she is still eating and drinking on her own and up and about. It was not time, yet. I thanked the Universe and God for the sign. We are taking it one day at a time.

I have called on signs from friends and loved ones who have passed on to let me know that they hear me talking to them or that they are around. I have called on signs about jobs to take or not take or how to deal with situations. I have called on signs or symbols for knowing which direction I should go in driving or life!

But, you don't always have to call on a sign or symbol to receive one you just need to be aware of them and or coincidences, premonitions, or synchronicities and then figure out what that means for you.

Here is another recent example from my situation:

This past weekend I went to meet some friends for a coffee at a book store. I happen to put on a pendant that was a Christmas gift from the parents of a former friend. This friend and I had been very good friends for years but have not spoken now for three years. Nevertheless, I still cherish the memories of our friendship and move forward and love the pendant and still wear it. This pendant is made of crystal glass and is substantial in size. And with no seeming cause, I was not pulling on it or playing with it...just standing there when it slipped from the chain and fell to the floor smashing in a million tiny pieces.

My inner knowing immediately went off that this was a symbol or sign of something in my life that is going on. After a day or so of contemplation, I have concluded that it is a symbol for a breakthrough about to happen in my life and that when things are shattered particularly glass, an illusion is broken and I can see my life more clearly. In addition, perhaps about the former friendship that the piece represented, it is completely shattered and I had made the decision (months ago) that our friendship was completed. I had forgiven her and moved on and hope for the best for her wherever she is now.

After death communications:

I have loved and lost to death many friends and family and I have my special symbols and signs that I request from them when I am saying hello or needed help with grieving to know they are OK and that they hear me or for them to let me know they are near. Sometimes a sign from them comes in a dream or they visit me in the dream or during the day. With some, it is a particular song, some a flower or color or movie... It is personal that connected me and that person while they were here.

There are so many ways our life and Spirit speaks to us if we would just open up and listen and pay attention. We do have all the help we need and we are not alone.

I recommend highly one of my favorite books on signs and symbols from healer Denise Linn titled The Secret Language of Signs. I hope this article has helped you and I am happy to answer any questions you may have about signs, dreams, or connecting with spirits. Please feel free to leave me comments too.

As I always say, remember we are the only ones that can truly know what things mean to us and I only offer to help you understand and coach you through the process of discovering your souls' messages for you.

Sweet Dreams.

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