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Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life

In life, we all seek answers. We all have questions. We look for insight from the angels, spirits and ancestors themselves. Autumn Phoenix Gypsy is a psychic and spirit medium who is committed to guiding you through the journey of discovery. Autumn is an accurate tarot reader who can deliver to you the answers that will bring you peace. She can help you heal through Reiki therapy or give you clear insights into your fate through accurate tarot readings. Discuss with your guides, guardians, and ancestors how you should proceed in your life and receive the divine message. There are many mysteries in life. Autumn is here to help you understand them. 

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Palm Reading


Spiritual Counseling sessions by DONATION only, please, thank you.

I am a Metaphysical Healing Practitioner for 30 years. I speak to YOUR spiritual guides. Please call and receive their guidance.

I communicate with spirits, angels, and guidance from the outside universe. In my eyes, all people have the power to improve their lives, all they need to do is harness the proper energy. Since 1989, I have been harnessing divine energy for my clients, providing them with unparalleled psychic services; I am pleased to do the same for you.

Get in contact with me today to see how we can begin working together.

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What my clients say is extremely important to me. Without their support and satisfaction, I wouldn’t be in business. That’s why I’m so invested in making sure that they’re happy with all of the psychic services I provide. Take a look at what people have said about working with me and get in touch today to make your voice heard as well.

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Attractive Young Woman

Enda Power

You are amazing! You have been my bestie, healer, and life coach! You have rescued me from so many pitfalls and helped me grow as a woman.

After narcissism and cheating were revealed, I really had no hope for love or this relationship. 

Your compassionate understanding of our unique situation and seeing what we both need is the only reason we are together today. 

Love you Autm! 

Middle Aged Woman

Samantha W.

Autm has brought such peace into my life when I am in the middle of a meltdown.

She is a shockingly accurate and amazing psychic! She has guided me through career and relationship challenges in her unique, encouraging and grounded way!

So worth the call!

Smiling Young Man

Robert P.

I read with Autm every day! She is incredible at uncovering hidden information!

I continue to be amazed with her accurate timelines. There is always some mind-blowing information she will provide,  that only I know. 

She was really able to help me understand my partner in a deep and valuable way and our relationship has strengthened because of her.  

Definitely Call Her! (You're the best! :)

Join the ranks of satisfied APGT clients.





This has become one of my most popular services, with clients from near and far scheduling sessions with me. During this special service, clients will be able to connect with their own spiritual guides and angels, to form a connection with the divine world. Curious to learn more? Get in touch with me to see what answers are waiting for you.


These sessions delve into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out current issues in your life. Changing your life’s path for the better is now possible. Don’t leave it to chance, and get the information you’ve been seeking regarding your family, love life, relationships, finances, career, health, and so much more. Discover the secrets laying within the heavens today.


Get back to your balanced self with this unique psychic service. Here, clients will be able to align their minds and souls, getting in touch with their own spirituality. I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional level, to understand exactly what they require out of my services. Speak with me today to find the inner peace you are searching for.

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